Concentrates for baths


When bathing essential oils exert their beneficial effects on the body as directly through the skin and by inhalation.

Concentrates for saunas


Relieve stress, promote relaxation of the body as soon as possible.


contains a careful selection of a combination of essential oils, allowing double the power to resist cold

Foam aromatherapy shower


Best for mild cleansing, and dry and sensitive skin: the presence in the foam for a shower high security complex prevents unwanted moisture loss, intensive moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Do not contain dyes and alkali!

Products for sports and massage


Contained in the compositions of IMP *-complex protects the skin thinnest membrane, preserving its natural moisture, providing optimal care and provide the optimum pH of the skin, the optimal balance between "hvatkostyu" and "slip" during a massage


Fango contains important minerals for the muscles and bones, improves blood circulation, reduce pain and has a relaxing effect.